Connect Connect

#satechBOS is an event unlike any other in Higher Education. Here, our first priority is that you CONNECT with those in attendance. At the core of the "UnConference" model is the peer-peer learning that happens. We can't learn from each other, if we don't know each other. Get to know as many people as YOU want.

Learn Learn

The UnConference format creates the ideal space for peer-to-peer learning, collaboration and creativity. What you will learn is completely up to you and those in attendance. Learning will happen more organically, allowing for breaks, ah-ha moments, and inspiration that will leave you wanting to do ... something! Let's reshape the professional development paradigm, move away from the lecture, and share our collective knowledge and experiences in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Create Create

This year, we are asking those in attendance to not only be consumers of information, but to be creators as well. This is why creation stations will be available for each UnConference group to create their very own program, event, service, etc. Groups will be asked to present their ideas to the large group on Friday morning for feedback. The goal is to leave Boston with an idea ready to be presented back on their home campuses for implementation.